All wecamp sites have achieved Biosphere Certification

Case studies | Real Assets | 03.04.2024

wecamp San Sebastian has officially joined the responsible revolution by obtaining Biosphere Certification for its dedication to aligning with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and the 2030Agenda.

We are pleased to announce that all wecamp sites have achieved Biosphere Certification, representing a significant milestone in our sustainability journey. This accomplishment underscores wecamp's and Meridia's commitment to our sustainability plan and highlights our ongoing efforts to create a positive impact.

Biosphere Certification is a testament to the dedication and actions outlined in our Sustainability Plan, including:

  • Supporting local entrepreneurship and development by promoting the consumption of local products and services.
  • Embracing technology and innovative methods to enhance the customer experience while conserving resources.
  • Offering products, services, and experiences that prioritize sustainability.
  • Promoting environmental awareness and responsible enjoyment of natural surroundings.
  • Utilizing green electricity and managing energy resources intelligently.
  • Opting for resource-efficient materials that can be recycled.
  • Sustainable management of community infrastructure to contribute to destination conservation.
  • Actively participating in conservation and protection activities for ecosystems.
  • Fostering knowledge and continuous learning among the wecamp team.
  • Advocating for the removal of barriers that hinder the integration of individuals based on gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, economic status, or any other factor.

This certification reaffirms our commitment to sustainability and inspires us to continue striving for excellence in environmental stewardship.